How to Track a Stolen Laptop With Serial Number?

Have you ever wondered how to track a stolen laptop with a serial number because your computer is stolen and you want to hack to get it back? 

This is one of the common issues now which most people face due to extreme hacking issues. Everyone is curious about others’ personal lives, and most of the time, your laptop gets stolen. You either lose your personal information, or someone may leak your information to the common public. 

Don’t worry because tracking the stolen laptop with a serial number is the easiest way you can use it without any security issues. 

Now, no matter if you are an ordinary person without IT knowledge or a person with an IT expert, here is a complete guide that you can always use and implement to solve your lot of stolen laptop issues.

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Steps To Consider for the Sake of Safety of your Laptop

Here are always some steps necessary to follow for the safety concern of either your laptop or any PC gadget. It is essential that no one can leak or use your personal information in a wrong and unwanted way. Here are the steps necessary to follow under this guide:

Your Device is registered with a Government or Manufacturer:

The first and foremost step is to make sure that your stolen laptop is registered with the manufacturer just like you register your mobile by using TPA. The computer has specific serial numbers used to transmit the information from sender to receivers or receivers to senders. On a similar hand, the manufacturers catch the data your computer is processing as long as you want. Hence, in this case, this data with serial numbers is beneficial to track your stolen laptop later. Furthermore, it is a great way to track your computer using serial numbers through thorough and professional resources.

Install A Top Tracking Software

If you have heard about Prey or Adina, then it’s good. But if you are nee to these terms, let us inform you that these are the best and top trending software used by professionals and software experts in case others lose their data or gadget. Install both of this software and enter the information they ask for. After processing all the information, keep relaxed and have surety of getting back your stolen laptop.

Enable All Tracking Features

Enabling the tracking features is a great way to track stolen laptops. It is one of the fortunes for all users who have the urge to get rid of hackers and a lot of other people who use or stole your laptop in any way. Using a PC, you can find the built-in feature as “locate my device” or “find my device.” If you are using a mac, the “find my Mac” part under the setting Option. In this era of advanced technology, everyone uses Windows 10, and so I have described tracking ON these features in this window:

Go to the setting option of your laptop and search for the “update and security.” Now open 

Now find an option named “locate my interpretation.” It is located just on the left sidebar.

  • After this further setting is opened and see if it is on or Off
  • In case if it’s off, then you need to turn it on and again go back to the main setting menu
  • Now open the privacy option and find the GPS Location 
  • Turn on your location, and in this way, your device currently has location Access quickly.

Different Ways To Track Stolen Laptop

After using and experimenting with many procedures, here are some ways we used and are now mentioned here. These are the easiest ways to track a laptop using serial numbers. All these ways are technically practical enough to locate your computer without any error. These ways are:

  • Directly Using Laptop Serial Number
  • Using Tracking Software Which You Installed as we mentioned above.
  • By Using Some Built-in Features.
  • You can also track using IP adress of Mac or your laptop.

Let’s now see details and a complete guide for each of the above ways!

Directly track using Laptop Serial Number

Providing a serial number directly to your manufacturer is helpful to locate and track your laptop. However, a serial number is not enough, and you may need to provide further information about your gadget to the manufacturer or the domain where you registered your laptop. 

Although this is the very light way, you can still try how important it is or if it’s valuable enough to track your stolen laptop. And if it does not work for you, then here are some other ways you can try later after implementing one by one.

By Tracking Software Which You Installed

If you have tracking software installed on your PC, then using the same software on your android device or any other laptop, you can track your stolen laptop. Just make sure that you have provided the same information as you provided on your previous stolen laptop. In this way, you can now analyze and note down each movement and event occurring on your computer. Later, using this information can help you to track and locate your computer.

But you must keep in mind that if the thief is a tech expert, they can uninstall this software and use it safely. In this case, you can try for further steps.

By Using Some Built-in Features

Another exciting and helpful feature is to enable all the build-in features ON using your device. For this purpose, use any MacBook or laptop and open the setting option. Later, open the “locate my device” Option and track your laptop performance using GPS tracking on features. 

Just make sure to enter your Microsoft account on your new laptop and then find the same Option, GPS tracking, to locate your stolen laptop. Now, after seeing the device, you can track the performance of your stolen laptop and use it for other purposes. 

By IP address of Mac or Laptop

This is the last but most effective way if all the above ways are not helpful yet. It is easy but needs your full attention to gain results. In this method, you need to know your IP address of MacBook or Laptop, and using that address, you can locate your stolen or misplaced devices, including laptop and MacBook. 

An IP address is one of your device’s specific addresses, which is assigned to you by the internet providers. In case if you don’t know your IP address, you can read it by an internet provider or by using your laptop guidebook if it’s available.

But don’t worry if you don’t own any of the above ways to find the IP address. If you remember your Gmail address, Dropbox account, or any other accounts like these, then you can track your laptop easily using the following guide.


Using dropbox is very easy and helps to know the IP address of the stolen device in the following steps:

  • Log into the dropbox account on a new laptop or smartphone
  • Now scroll down and see for the “setting and security” option 
  • Now see the Option named as recent activities and then go to recent logins
  • By using that window, the device which shows the IP address of your stolen or misplaced laptop easily


Using Facebook is another important and valuable way to track your stolen laptop easily. Here are some ways to know IP address using your FB account

  • Log into your FB account using any device
  • Now open the “security and privacy” option 
  • Scroll down and see recent logins 
  • If you see any new device or suspicious activates on your FB account, you can find the IP address there using the recently started device.


Using your Gmail account is one of the precious and most effective ways to locate the IP address of the stolen device. Here are steps you need to follow:

  • Log into your Gmail account, which you were using on your stolen laptop
  • Now open the inbox and scroll it down
  • You will see the logged-in device there 
  • Open all the logged-in devices detail and then see their IP address


Outlook account is a better and authentic way after all the above methods to find the IP address of any stolen device. 

  • Open the outlook account and open your profile picture
  • Using three dots clicking on it, you will see the view account menu; open it
  • Now there is further Option named as devices open that Option
  • There will be a list of all the logged-in devices, and you can note down the IP address of all, and now you can locate your laptop.

FAQs on how to track a stolen laptop with serial number

Can I track a laptop with the serial number?

Yes, it’s straightforward to track a stolen laptop with a serial number. All there is to get an IP address or use the “Locate my device” Option on any device using the same software account.

Is it possible to track a stolen laptop?

Yes, using the above ways or GPS tracking way only, you can easily track your stolen laptop.

What did the thief do with the stolen laptop?

They hack your data and other personal information for different destructive purposes—furthermore, some of them sell your laptop to get money.

Final Verdicts on how to track a stolen laptop with serial number

The above ways on how to track a stolen laptop with serial numbers are easy to use. So, if your laptop is getting stolen, or hacked then using the above ways, you can quickly locate and find your computer. Furthermore, you don’t need to call any professional for this purpose. And there is no need to worry about money as no $ needs to open for this sake.