How to Connect Laptop to Projector without VGA Port?

How to connect laptop to projector without VGA port is a frequently asked question. Down in this post, we provided some ways and easy tips using which you can perform this easily.

The use of slide presentations and overhead projectors has become old nowadays. The latest projectors have many remarkable features. They have options for wireless connection and HD images. Moreover also has the capability to show clear pictures even in a bright room. Many of the latest projectors can split the main screen and display many images at a time.  

In short, the projector is an inverted camera or optical device that displays a picture onto a screen. Some projectors display images through a transparent lens and others display them directly. We can easily take the projector from one place to another. Moreover, it can display an image of large sizes.

If your projector doesn’t have the option of wireless connectivity matters not. Now your main requirement is to connect it to your laptop with a VGA port. Then what will you do in case of no VGA port on the laptop? The answer to this question is given below in the article.

How to Connect Projector to Laptop without VGA Port??

Here are easy steps for how to connect the projector to the laptop:

  1. Shut down the laptop/computer. 
  2. Now connect the HDMI port of the laptop to the projector. 
  3. Then, connect the switch of projector with electrical supply and turn ON the laptop by pressing power option.
  4. After that ON your laptop.


Always use an HDMI cable for the projector to laptop connection. 

Most of the latest laptops have HDMI or VGA ports options. So, in case of a lack of a VGA port on the laptop option, you can connect your projector to the laptop using the HDMI port option using standard HDMI wires. Moreover, converters are also present there and help you a lot. Now here a question arises what are VGA or HDMI ports? 

What are VGA Ports?

The abbreviation of VGA is Video Graphics Array. VGA ports are the high-quality connectors mainly used for video output with various devices (laptop, computer, projector, and so on). Further VGA port use with devices have a graphic card. We can connect the VGA cable laptop to the projector.

What are HDMI Ports?

High Definition Multimedia Interference is the full form of HDMI. HDMI ports are the connectors used with HDMI wires. HDMI port was introduced in 2002, mainly used to emit and receive audio and video waves. In some cases, your projectors and laptops don’t have compatible ports. Now use converters in such scenarios (to join both ports) like VGA to HDMI, USB to HDMI, HDMI to VGA, and many more. You can also search for more converters. Many of the latest projector models have been introduced yet and are available in the market for buyers. Now, let’s start a discussion on how to connect a projector to a laptop without a VGA port?

Use of HDMI to VGA Connectors:

This method is used when there is no VGA port on the laptop. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Step #1:

First of all, turn off your laptop. 

Step #2:

Then, connect one end of the video cable to the video port of the laptop and the other end to the projector.

Step #3:

Now, use HDMI to VGA adapters because you don’t have a VGA port. This adapter or converter allows you to connect the HDMI output of the laptop to the VGA projector. HDMI to VGA connectors has the ability to resolute the image or video to 1080p. These adaptors are dense and provide an outstanding and convenient solution for connecting a high-definition VGA display. There is no need for a power source externally in some HDMI to VGA connectors.

Step #4:

After that, turn on your device i.e. laptop by connecting the power wire of the projector to the electricity supply. In case you are required to see videos with audio for your project you have to join the “audio out” port of your laptop to the projector. You may connect it to other sound systems.

Hopefully, after reading the above easy steps your all queries regarding the connection of the laptop to the projector without a VGA port or no VGA cable have been sorted.

Disadvantages of HDMI to VGA Adapters:

Aside from the remarkable features of HDMI to VGA adaptors, they have disadvantages as well:

  • They have video and audio enabling options but they can come with many restrictions.
  • Moreover, these converters don’t permit video resolution conversion despite their video transmittance and transform options.
  • HDMI adapters have the capability to resolute up to 3820 x 2160 p but VGA adapters have the ability to resolute up to 800 x 600 p only. So, HDMI only resolute up to pixels sent by VGA to connecters.

Why do we use HDMI for connection without a VGA port?

  • Firstly, it is much convenient. Moreover, it is a very simple procedure of transferring data between two electrical systems. There should be one HDMI port present in all devices. Because it is very advantageous to use one cable that has the ability to join two or more different connections on every single device with help of multiple lines.
  • Further, parts of HDMI are a very preferable connection for HD videos. There must be a minimum of three connecting points in one cable in each connector or adaptor converter. HDMI ports give the video and audio HD quality. 

What are the Benefits of Using HDMI Cables?

Given below are the wonderful benefits of these cables: 

  • They have one sound and visual cable.
  • Display video in HD output.
  • They have all electrical components.
  • Also, have an option for more compatibility.


Some of the specifications of these cables are mentioned below:

  • These are external.
  • Transmit both visual and sound waves.
  • Have nineteen or twenty-nine pins for connection.
  • Send signal through digital wires. 
  • They have connection compatibility with VGA and DVI converters.
  • These have the ability to convert sound signals into High-Resolution sound. 


The above discussion contains the answer to the question that how to connect the laptop to the projector without a VGA port? As most of the laptops have VGA or HDMI ports. So, if your laptop doesn’t have an option VGA port connection you can connect it through HDMI Ports. 

Moreover, we also summarize why HDMI cables are acceptable for it, along with its benefits and specifications. Further, HDMI ports are mainly used to transmit video and audio to a projector, computer, cable box, and many other devices.

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