How to access laptop camera remotely?

Visiting a relative or friend on a business trip? WebCam Monitor will help you keep an eye on your property from a hotel room. If you often wonder what is going on in your house while at work, a WebCam monitor is a solution for you. Originally designed to monitor corporations from remote locations, this application may also be used as a home monitoring system. In this article, we will learn How to access laptop camera remotely.

WebCam Monitor allows you to take a snapshot of your computer screen at any time and send it as an email attachment. In other words, it accesses the laptop camera remotely. The monitor lets you connect to any wireless or wired webcam from a remote location. A laptop/PC acts as a remote display with a built-in web server that allows turning on laptop camera remotely from any Internet-connected device.

Surveillance by WebCam Monitor

How to access the laptop camera? Did you know that an estimated 3.2 million U.S. households now use computer security cameras for surveillance? The WebCam Monitor is a program for your Windows laptop/PC that records the live webcam stream of your laptop/PC on your PC, Mac, or Linux machine. This allows you to monitor the live video feed of any webcam connected to your Windows PC without the need of having that device with you physically.

The laptop’s WebCam Monitor consists of a simple. Still, effective device that enables you to access and watch your laptop camera from anywhere in the world – all you need is an Internet connection, and that’s it! It literally takes about 20 seconds to set up and works with any laptop or PC.

How to access laptop camera remotely

In addition, it is powerful surveillance software that accesses the cameras of your home or office remotely. Once you have the software installed on the system you want to monitor, you will be able to see what is going on in your house, no matter how far away you are. The program supports all laptop cams and webcams so it does not even have to be a PC. 

You will be able to set up a live stream from anywhere with an internet connection and view it live as it happens. Indeed, this is a helpful tool if you want to keep an eye on things from afar, stay connected with it.

First, turn on your computer remotely

You will first have to find a way to enable you to turn on a computer from a distance. There are several ways this can be done. It is easiest is connecting the two computers via a network cable. This means that the second computer will have to have an Ethernet port. 

Yet, there are also ways of turning on a computer from a long distance even if it has no additional hardware installed, such as Remote Desktop Connection. This app is available from Microsoft and downloads for free from their site.

Interesting ways for how to access laptop camera remotely

View webcam remotely Using Android Phone

It is possible to view the live camera feed on your Android phone together with Windows software. Numerous programs can connect Android with Windows, but some are not beneficial for accessing webcam remotely. However, the Team Viewer for Android makes it possible to use a mobile device as a wireless screen.  

Most Technical people have a laptop camera with them at the office. In some offices, it is made possible for them to use the laptops remotely. With the Android and iOS versions of this software, the mobile phone is connected to the Internet. Then we can access your computer as well as your activated laptop camera remotely from it.

Furthermore, The Teamviewer is an application that can be used remotely to access your PC. It is possible to view it on your phone or tablet. And you can switch on or off the PC as well as the camera by sending the link via SMS. Although, you need to install this app for remote access webcam on your device so they can access the Teamviewer ID or DNSs. 

Ensure that you have entered your computer settings for Teamviewer and that it can connect with the Teamviewer. To access the laptop camera using an Android phone, all you have to do is ensure that it is correctly configured.

View my laptop camera remotely using watching live broadcast

A live broadcast is sent over the Internet to your subscribers. When you click the live button, the application will start broadcasting on your computer. You can choose to show the camera image, sound, both of them or none of them. Once this is set up, you can start receiving live broadcasting requests from your subscribers.

It’s convenient to check the live video from a laptop or desktop computer. How to access a laptop camera remotely is easy by live broadcasting. When you need a wider angle shot, you can set the broadcasting video size by the length, width, and height to fit your specs. 

When you have a laptop computer, you can become a part of the new age of broadcasting. Now you can connect to your PC with a camera and a microphone and then broadcast over the Internet. Furthermore, this gives you a whole new way to communicate with friends and family. Or even make some money by charging people each time they view your location online.

 You’ll need to know where they live camera is located on most laptops, though, as well as how to open it up and enable it. Press on the “Broadcasting” option in the upper right-hand corner whenever you want to display the broadcast. The live broadcast will be shown directly on the camera of your computer

Using an HDMI cable, AC adapter, or a power bank, you can connect to the camera on WebCam Monitor on a TV screen. In this case, your computer screen will show the camera set view change of the default display of the camera.

Let’s configuring live broadcasting

How to remotely access my laptop camera is now not complicated by using broadcasting. Let’s do WebCam Monitor configuration for Live Broadcasting via Windows Media streaming software. To get WebCam Monitor ready for streaming live, do the following:

  • Select Edit Camera >> Broadcast from the menu that appears when you right-click on the camera preview. The Broadcasting Settings dialogue box appears. Choose a Profile based on the viewer’s Internet speed as well as your own Internet access upstream.
  • The View broadcast from the IP address dropdown will display all of the IP addresses that have been configured for the pc. If your PC has multiple IP addresses configured, choose the one out of which you would like to broadcast.
  • A port number would be automatically entered in by WebCam Monitor. Unless you prefer, you can select different ports. Every camera has its own port number. Set the maximum number of viewers who can connect at the same time.
  • While broadcasting, the video size will be resized to the dimension chosen from the Broadcasting video size dropdown. Press the OK button.
  • Press Actions >> Start Broadcasting to begin broadcasting. Once you do this, the program’s Log will show you the address as well as the port number required to view the live video. This pc, as you’ll see, has a name. Press Tools >> IP Address to search the computer’s IP address.

Remote access laptop camera Using Wake-On-Lan Method

There are numerous ways to how to access laptop cameras remotely, but Wake-on-LAN is the best and fastest among them. It works even if the target computer is offline as long as the settings are set right. The Wake-on-LAN requires the target computer to transmit data. So you need to know the MAC address of the target computer.

How to control webcam remotely by outsider tools? Now, we will explore how this method works and how you can remotely boot a computer without any third-party software. The ability to switch on your computer remotely is called Wake-On-LAN. These 3 tools are incredibly beneficial. 

  • WakeMeOnLan by Nirsoft
  • Wake on LAN Nyxbull
  • WakeUp on Lan FUSION

All these tools are available free on the net. All you should do when using any of the tools is search for accessible computers on the LAN. Locate your target computer using the MAC address or even the IP address but turn it on. Bluetooth speakers can be used to connect a speaker to a laptop without the need for a wire. Take a read on how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to a laptop and follow the instructions.

Final words:

How to access the laptop camera remotely? Well, Monitoring your home or office is now so easy by accessing your laptop from built-in functions to third-party software. You can access the laptop’s webcam without making any effort. You can easily access the laptop camera by using the Internet. There are various ways to make use of this extraordinary opportunity to capture the images at a very distant place.

WebCam Security Monitor is wireless security webcam surveillance software developed to use a computer’s webcam to do real-time monitoring. This webcam software system is ideal for both business and personal monitoring needs for remote webcam access. With WebCam Security Monitor, You can set up a home or office surveillance system in minutes that will allow remote viewing from anywhere.

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