How Much to Fix a Laptop Screen?- Cost for Fixing Laptop Screen

If you are searching for how much to fix a laptop screen, you reached the right place. This article will find the expected cost & tips to fix a laptop screen in detail. If you’re laptop drops & the screen breaks, it is your bad luck. But, don’t worry; you can fix the screen again.

The cost of replacing or fixing a laptop screen depends on your laptop brand. It costs you about $200 to $600. Moreover, if the laptop with a broken screen is a gaming laptop, it will cost you even more.

A gaming laptop that is less than $1200 can cost you about $500 only to repair the screen. However, remember that once you repair it, the sharpness & performance of that screen might not be as similar as earlier.

While you want to fix your laptop screen, you must know how much you have to pay to get the screen back to life. 

Signs of Damaged Laptop Screen

If your laptop has a broken screen, it will show some signs that you need to understand. Here we are going to mention those signs.

Physical Damage

While the laptop screen has physical damage, it will show black marks like smashed glass or stains of ink. Also, these marks of damage will increase in size with time. 

Screen Failure Indication

Screen failure appears when there is not any physical damage on the laptop. In this situation, the screen turns blank, or resolution lines & blurry images appear. Additionally, an unfastened or detached display shows an indication that your laptop has a broken screen.

Non-Display of Image 

It occurs when you connect your laptop with a monitor. So, it functions well; however, anything doesn’t show up on the screen.

Fixing a laptop screen depends upon how you want to fix it. You can repair it by yourself or hire an expert technician to do it. So, let’s have a look at both ways to find out their expected costs.

How Much to Fix a Laptop Screen by a Tech

how much to fix a laptop screen

A broken laptop screen costs you about $200, including the labor & parts. Also, if you have an old version laptop, it will cost you even less than that. To fix a damaged screen, you need to take your laptop to a Tech who will fix it properly. 

However, always confirm that the technician provides you with a guarantee for your repaired laptop. In this way, you can avoid the wastage of your money if any issue occurs again with your laptop screen.  

If your laptop has a warranty, it won’t cost you anything apart from taking a broken laptop to the repair shop. So, we suggest claiming a warranty instead of fixing it from a repairing center or by you.

On the other hand, if a laptop doesn’t have a warranty, it’ll cost you a lot. Moreover, in this case, you need to devote two-thirds of your laptop’s real price overall.

Furthermore, you can find lots of online vendors who offer services to fix a laptop screen. Different laptop brands have their repair & screen replacement cost rates. Occasionally, repairing centers provide services to fix a laptop screen, but they don’t have the essential tools required for particular laptops.

Here you must keep in mind that laptop fixing isn’t a job that anyone can perform. If it doesn’t fit properly, it can create more damages than disturb the company’s warranty.

Moreover, you need to understand that fixing a laptop screen is complicated compared to a desktop computer. Except a laptop does has a warranty, you can go to the company to claim its warranty.

How Much to Fix a Laptop Screen by Yourself

Laptop screen fixing kit - How much to fix a laptop screen

If you are a person who likes to do DIY projects and you have a little bit of knowledge to fix a broken laptop screen, go ahead. However, for that, you need to know how much it’ll cost you. 

To fix a laptop screen by you isn’t as high as a technician will demand to do so. You don’t need to pay anybody as there is no fee to fix a problem on your own. Consequently, you need to spend about $40 to $100 to repair your laptop screen independently.

However, we recommend you take your laptop to some laptop repair center unless you have complete know-how about that. Even then, if you want to do a DIY, you can find lots of tutorials presented on YouTube. 

Those videos guide you to repair a laptop screen only for $80 to $100. It excludes the labor costs; therefore, it is reasonable.

Things to Confirm After Fixing a Laptop Screen 

While you fix your laptop screen from a repair center, make sure to check some important things before paying them & leaving the shop. You need to check if there isn’t any display issue on the laptop screen. Also, it is important to check even while you fix the screen on your own. Just confirm that there are:

  • No scratches signs
  • No cracks
  • No staining
  • No previous screen problems such as a blank screen
  • Correctly displayed images

HP Laptop Screen Replacement Price

Of course, the repairing cost differs from the size & type of the screen. Also, it depends on the capability of the technician. A larger screen costs are extra than a small one. So, generally, the cost to repair an HP laptop screen ranges from $45 – $70.

The older versions of HP like HP 250 G6 Core i5-7200 require open it up fully to fix the screen. However, HP laptops of old versions can cost you at least $500 to $600 since their repairing parts are hard to find. Additionally, if, luckily, you get the parts at cheap rates, the expert would claim extra cost.

Laptop Screen Repair Cost Lenovo 

There is a wide range of Lenovo laptops available on the market. So, it is hard to tell the exact repair cost of that laptop screen. However, normally, its cost goes from $38 to $220 only for its part. But, if you buy & install the components on your own, you will pay the parts price only.

On the other hand, while you hire a technician to fix the screen, you have to pay more, including the labor cost. 

Laptop Screen Repair Cost Dell 

Normally, you can find Dell laptop screens from $45 to $80. However, some models have exclusive screens ranging around $250.04. A screen itself may have a price from 45$ to – 200$. Moreover, if you don’t have the knowledge & proper tools, you also need to pay the technician.

How Much to Repair a Touch-Screened Laptop

Mostly, the cost to repair a touch-screened laptop is just about the same. You can repair the screen of a touchscreen laptop for $200 to $300 by a technician. Besides, if you do it yourself, you can save a hundred dollars in labor costs.

On the other hand, the touchscreen laptops such as Microsoft Signature Versions & Apple cost more. Their fixing cost might be almost the price of a laptop itself.

Essential Tips to Fix a Laptop Screen

If you are going to buy a replacement screen to fix in your laptop, have a look at some of the essential tips:

Research about the Repairing Cost Online

Make sure to visit different websites and check the expected cost of your damaged screen online. For that, all you need to do is write the model of your laptop in the product searching field. Now, you can compare the price that your expert demanded from you to fix your screen.

Normally, it’ll cost you about $40 to 200$ on the sites, while the expert will demand $100 to $500. So, the choice is yours, do you like to hire a technician or fix it at home that’ll cost you less.

Hire a Certified Technician

We suggest finding an experienced technician who has proper knowledge of your laptop brand. Also, make sure to get the correct & exact components of your laptop to avoid extra damage & cost. 

Read Online Reviews

It is the best idea to do proper online research to save money while fixing your laptop screen. For that, you can find repairing centers & their charges around your area. Moreover, in this way, you can check the quality of their services also.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is it worth fixing a laptop screen?

If a laptop screen costs you up to 25% of the real cost of your laptop, then it’s not wise to fix it. If you buy a laptop for $500 and the screen breaks in a couple of years, it’s not wise to spend more than $125 to fix it.

Q. Can a screen be fixed on a laptop?

Of course, a technician can have access to all parts of the laptop. You can find several YouTube videos on the internet about how to repair a laptop screen.

Final Verdicts

So, now you know how much to fix a laptop screen and can make the right and knowledgeable decision. 

Currently, a quality laptop is one of the vital devices in the fields of education & business. So, if it is working well and has no damages, you can do your tasks easily. However, a broken laptop causes lots of problems as you can’t reach your official & personal data.  

Consequently, if you don’t want to lose your data, make sure to repair your laptop screen. Moreover, make sure to check your laptop before paying the cost carefully.

If you still have any questions, ask us in the comment section below. Our team is always there to answer you as soon as possible.  

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