How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging?

Different types of queries arise from other parts of the world from those trying to tackle the issues regarding laptops. One of the crucial questions is that how many watts does a laptop use when charging?

Similarly, the question of how many watts does a laptop charger use per hour is also asked by the users. Therefore, we have tried to answer all these queries in this article. So, they can enjoy the ultimate benefits of these computing machines.

Additionally, the consumption of watts is dependent on the laptop that it is a notebook or desktop type. If you want to ask about the PCs, they consume more power than the notebook one because of their separate monitors’ system. Likewise, several other factors affect it.

How many Watts does a DELL laptop use?

Most desktop computers consume power in between the range of 60Watts to almost 250Watts. If you want a single and straightforward answer, 60Watt energy is consumed by the laptop’s screen of 15 inches. 

We cannot precisely tell the power that your laptop consumes. Moreover, it depends on several factors that we will discuss below. You cannot determine the power consumption by considering one thing. It is dependent upon internal and few extrinsic factors.

Likewise, the screen size and adapter also tell you about the usage of power. Therefore, you can’t rely on these factors because of a few other things. Some people spend more time on their laptops while browsing, listening to music, and playing games.  

Moreover, it would help if you had a high-quality and powerful battery to play the games on a laptop. If your computer lags, your computer will get exhausted very soon. Likewise, the processors must be efficient to avoid lagging. Additionally, the best laptops for gaming consume almost 180Watts. 

Some of the users have asked a query that we need how many watts to charge laptop in car. So, it depends on the socket of the vehicle that it is of how many amperes. You can look at the manual, which is provided while purchasing a car, to determine the power of the socket. 

Likewise, there will be a socket of 15-amp in most of the cars. While, in trucks, the socket of 20-amp is observed. Accordingly, the former one can power 1.5 amps, and the latter one will power about 2-amps. 

Which factors affect power consumption?

There are many factors that are affecting the process of power consumption in such computing devices as laptops or PC. Further, you know that your mobile batteries consume more power if you are using them to play games. Likewise, if numerous apps are installed, they will suck the battery faster. 

In addition to this, the consumption of power in one hour relies on multiple factors that we will tell you one by one. You can consider these options to know which one plays a crucial role in draining a battery from your device. Size of screen 

Screen size plays a role in draining the battery. As the screen of larger size will consume more battery than the one of smaller size. Likewise, if a laptop is large in size, its involvement will be in various intensive computing operations. Similarly, it will require more power to function. 

Let’s look at the example that if the screen size is 17 inches, it will consume almost 180 watts in a single hour. Moreover, lower energy consumption ensures that the battery will work for longer time duration. So, most of you have got an answer that how much power does a laptop screen use.

Internal factors 

If the internal components are in much use, they will consume a considerable amount of battery. Likewise, if more than one hard and soft drive and graphic card are there in the laptop, it will suck more battery. 

Further, CPU also takes much percentage of battery if you are doing a lot of operations on the computer or laptop. Accordingly, it depends on the functions that are being exhibited on the computing machine. 

External components 

Some extra components attached to the laptop or PC, like a mouse or a gaming device, will drain out more power of the laptop. Moreover, the peripherals like printers and scanners connected to laptops for printing and scanning purposes may also consume batteries. 

So, you have to be careful to avoid the consumption of batteries and remove the external components when they are not in use.


You can determine the power that a charger needs to charge your laptop through the adapter. The charger of a laptop having a 15-inches screen consumes 65Watt. In contrast, the charger will take a power supply of 98Watt if the charger is of a 17-inches laptop. 

Similarly, some other parts of the laptops and a few functions like browsing, music, and downloading also consume much battery power.  

Is it possible to determine the wattage of laptop?

We can calculate the wattage of the laptop by checking its amperes and voltage given on the charger. Likewise, you can employ a laptop charger wattage calculator to multiply these two values to know about the power. 

In the same way, you can also determine the hp laptop charger wattage. Moreover, the adaptor will also tell you about the wattage. Likewise, you can see the information regarding amperes and volts on the backside of the laptop. You can determine the power by multiplying these two figures. 

According to research in the USA, it is determined that a regular or daily use laptop consumes almost 50 Watts. Likewise, you can also check hp laptop watts, which are near about this value. Additionally, a charger of more power can be used to charge a laptop because it will consume only the amount it needs. 


Can I use a charger of 120Watts to charge my laptop? 

Yes. You can use the charger with more capacity of your laptop like if a laptop needs 50Watts, you can use a charger of 65, 120, or 180Watts. 

Can a mobile charger charge the laptop? 

No. it is not possible because the USB port of the mobile charger is not suitable for a laptop to charge. Second, the capacity to power the laptop will be lower because mobile needs less power than laptops and the design of the charger is according to that limit. 


So, Guys! I hope you have got the answer to the question of How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use When Charging. Moreover, I have described all the important factors that can affect the power of a laptop. Similarly, it varies from laptop to laptop due to differences in their companies and usage. 

Additionally, the energy that a laptop needs in the form of Watts depends on how a person uses a laptop. If a gamer is using a laptop, it will require much power to operate efficiently. 

Likewise, if a common man is using a laptop and just listens to a song and browsing, it will consume less power.

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