Can a laptop be used without a battery?

As laptop users often come across situations where their laptop battery immediately dies or weakens during critical work periods. In this circumstance, users will resort to searching for alternative devices. However, we would like to point out that you should not purchase other devices if you are working without a laptop.

Furthermore, in our article, we will illustrate how to use a laptop without a battery or charger, so keep reading.

Can a laptop be used without a battery?

Yes, your Laptop will generally continue to operate smoothly. Even if you do not have a battery until the charger is connected to the socket. This means that your Laptop will be a computer, but it will not be able to operate if you take the charging cable out of it. 

The power cable should be connected appropriately to the Laptop. Otherwise, your computer’s RAM will be affected, resulting in a loss of system functionality. And you may lose your important data like pictures, videos, and other documents. Which is really hard to recover from a damaged laptop.

Throughout this article, we will explain some precautions you should follow to prevent any issues with your device.

Using a power backup device.

I recommend you to use a power backup solution like a UPS, especially for those who live in remote areas. This is because it provides a constant power supply source so that you can work uninterruptedly without losing any of your data. 

Keeping the charger untouched.

Just a slight touch or movement of your hand may cut off the electricity flow, which in return causes the Laptop to shut down immediately, resulting in data loss. Since this undesirable shutdown can damage the Laptop’s internal components, make sure to switch off the machine manually. 

Don’t touch the battery slot.

While using your Laptop. It is a dangerous act to touch or come in contact with the exposed battery pin slots while it is plugged in. An electrical stroke could result in serious injury if you touch or come in connection with the exposed battery pin slots.

Pros and cons of using a laptop without a battery.

The absence of a battery can be both positive and destructive.

Pros of using a laptop without battery

  1. It will work like a computer.
  2. Your Laptop without a battery will run at high performance. 

Cons of using a laptop without battery

  1. On the interuption of power source from a laptop. Your files will be replaced or maybe permanently deleted. 
  2. Power pin slot of a laptop that is exposed would be very harmful for you. Because you a directly exposed to electri current because of it.

Disadvantages of using a laptop without a battery? 

The battery stores the current provided to it. Which it then provides to the Laptop; however, the direct current supplied via cable may cause damage to the internal components. There are plenty of disadvantages, such as a potential downside is if the connector temporarily loses contact with the connector when bumping the connection. This may result in an unexpected power outage.

Laptop performance without battery

The issue of a laptop battery that does not perform is a common issue that users inquire about. We all know that batteries are removable from laptops. But laptop performance won’t be affected when connected to a stable AC. Consequently, when plugged into direct AC and with the battery removed, some laptops run slower because the settings reduce the CPU voltage. When the battery will be restored the performance of the laptop will be reverted back to the same.

Furthermore, the AC adaptor’s sudden current may not be stabilized on disconnection from the battery. Resulting in an excess current that may damage the motherboard. 

As a result of the current uneven components. Such as RAM, GPU, CPU, and many others may be affected. 

What happens if I remove the battery from my Laptop?

When you remove the battery, your Laptop will not be affected. However, you should remove your laptop battery if you plan to use your Laptop for prolonged periods connected to AC power, mainly if you do heat-generating tasks. 

Will HP Laptop work without a battery?

Yes, you can, but an unexpected power outage will occur without a battery, causing an immediate shutdown of your work, so you will have to redo all your work. A power outage will also affect your operating system and software. Direct current power is also a heating issue on your Laptop.

How to turn on a laptop without a battery or charger? 

Laptops are designed to run on a Battery or Alternative current. Thus, you can switch on your Laptop using an AC adapter. But make sure to connect specific AC adapters since many types are available according to laptop brands. 

Is it okay to charge a laptop without a battery?

Yes, it is okay and sometimes recommended when performing complicated tasks. However, all laptops come with pre-made batteries, which we charge. Similarly, we connect them to a power outlet for most laptops, and the electricity passes directly into the Laptop. 
Furthermore, there are numerous ways to charge a laptop without a battery: USB CABLE, UPS, or power bank.


After we have completed our guide, can we use a laptop without a battery? It is pretty apparent that you can use your computer without its battery, but take some precautions. Batteries do not need to be removed unless they malfunction, but you should always make sure your Laptop is plugged in, so it works. 

However, we recommend purchasing a brand-new battery if it doesn’t work correctly. 

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