Best USB-C dock for Macbook Pro in 2023 – Best USB-C Hubs

Struggling with connecting monitors, mice, keyboard, or other peripherals with your MacBook? The biggest flaw of the MacBook is its fewer ports. And for connecting peripherals with it, you need external docking stations that are compatible with Macbook. With the best USB-c dock for MacBook Pro, you can connect monitors, external keyboards, storage devices, and many more.

I had tested several MacBook docking stations and had experienced all the issues from buying to connecting with Apple laptops. And with my learnings and experiences, I had prepared the list of reliable and best docking stations for your new MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air. These recommendations include the best deals for you in terms of budget, quality, and customer service as they are the focal points of my recommendations.

best usb-c dock for macbook pro
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Brand: LIONWEI
  • Ports: 7
  • Interface: HDMI, Thunderbolt
  • Compatible Devices: MacBook, Laptops

5 Best USB-C Docks for Macbook and Macbook Pro in 2022

So, Below are the 5 best USB-C docks for MacBook Pro/ MacBook Air that do not only help you to connect external peripherals, allow fast data transfer, higher resolution frame rates to displays. And also helps you to convert your MacBook, Macbook Air, and MacBook Pro to a desktop.

USB C Hub Adapter for Macbook Pro 2020 – Best Macbook Docking station

Best USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook


  • Brand:LIONWEI
  • Interface: HDMI, Thunderbolt
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Ports: 7

Reasons to Buy
  • Powerful 4K HDMI Port
  • Data Transfer up to 5Gbps
  • Read SD TF Cards Simultaneously
Reasons to Not
  • Not Compatible with M1 2020 MacBook
  • USB A Ports are not compatible with tablets

This slim & sleek, efficient USB C Hub docking station for Macbook Pro offered by LIONWEI has many ports that will help you to transform your Macbook into a workstation by providing you extra ports. Whether you are going to connect an iPhone, External Hard Drive, USB, dual displays or want to connect a charger. It can handle easily. 

This MacBook USB C adapter has an excellent build quality. It is made up of Aluminium alloy and contains 7 ports out of which 3 ports are USB 3.0 ports. which provides you data transfer rate up to 5Gbp/s. This dock is equipped with an HDMI port that you can use to connect with a projector or an external monitor.

LIONWEI Macbook Air Docking station is also equipped with a thunderbolt 3 port which speeds up the process. It is an ultra-powerful docking station that can deliver power up to 100W, Transfer data up to the rate of 40Gbp/s, and connect visual display up to 4K UHD(3840X2160) resolution. The remaining two ports are SD Card and TF Card slot. One more amazing feature is that SD and TF Card can be used simultaneously on this hub.

In conclusion, this USB C hub adapter is affordable. Provide fast-charging, Universal SD Card Compatibility, and High-Resolution Display. Additionally, this dock is compatible with both Mac devices and Pcs. It is easy to use and set up. So, this Lionwei docking station includes all the ports that you need to convert your MacBook into a powerful workstation.


This docking station doesn’t support Macbook M1 2020.

Hiearcool USB C Hub Review – Best Dock for MacBook

Best USB C Hub Adapter for MacBook


  • Brand:Hiearcool
  • Interface: HDMI, USB 3.0
  • Wattage: 100 watts
  • Ports: 9

Reasons to Buy
  • 4K Triple Extended Mode
  • Amazing Build Quality
  • Ethernet Connectivity
Reasons to Not
  • Data Transfer Not Allowed
  • May Heat Up
  • Card Reader is little Bit slow

Build Quality of the Hiearcool USB C docking station is good. It is small in size and made of fine aluminum. It starts working directly as you plug this dock into your MacBook. No external driver or software is required for this dock. Just simply attach this docking station with your Macbook Pro/Air and start connecting mouse, keyboard, or external monitors with it.

This docking station has a total of 9 ports. You wouldn’t need all of them. But for testing purposes, I used all the ports and they work fine. So, you can connect all of your external devices with this dock. The key feature that I loved is that it has an ethernet port also which the MacBook Pro lacks. So, if you wanna use a local network or internet with LAN cable instead of wifi then you can easily connect the wire using this docking station ethernet port.

On my MacBook, the power supply of this Hiearcool dock is 86W. Which is pretty fine. Also, I tested on my Lenovo ThinkPad too. This docking station works perfectly with it. Every port delivers the performance up to the satisfaction level. There are some issues that I faced are SD card reader is a little bit slow. It gets hot after a few hours of work. Especially while charging.

So, If you are looking for a docking station that allows you to connect multiple screens or other external devices with your Macbook Pro. Then this Macbook Pro dock would be a great choice. It has many ports that work fine and cover all your connectivity needs.

MCY MacBook Docking station – Cheap Docking station for laptop

Cheap docking station for MacBook Pro


  • Brand:MCY
  • Interface: USB Type C
  • Build Quality: Excellent
  • Ports: 12

Reasons to Buy
  • Not Expensive
  • Stream two displays simultaneously
  • High Speed Charging
  • Multi-Port dock
  • cheapest docking station
Reasons to Not
  • usb c connector wire is short in size

Want to enjoy an extended display on MacBook? Then MCY 12 in 1 multipurpose best budget docking station will help you to achieve this goal. With this docking station, you can stream two 4K monitors simultaneously. A perfect gadget for programmers, designers, and YouTubers.

MCY 12 in 1 Triple Display Docking station does not only work on Macbook Pro but it also works on laptops that have windows operating system. The best feature of this USB C docking station is its Triple display connectivity. This means that you can connect up to 3 High-Resolution displays with the help of an HDMI hub. Also, HDMI ports are twin ports so they can forecast your content simultaneously on both connected screens.

This docking station is the perfect choice for people who need to connect many peripherals. As It has 12 ports for providing versatility in connectivity. Provides high-speed fast charging. In my testing, the wattage stats are 85W.

For testing purposes. I had connected 2 displays. One external storage device, an external keyboard, and my gaming mouse razer blade. After a few hours of constant work. This docking station was heated up a little bit. This is really minor heating issue not much and also it happens because of constant usage. Overall, This is the best budget docking station for MacBook pro available in the market.

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You might think that this dock will be expensive because of its amazing features and multi-connectivity. But that is not the case. This is the cheapest docking station that has 12 ports connectivity.


This dock is not compatible with some windows laptops. So, carefully check the compatible devices list before buying.

Plugable Universal Laptop Docking Station – Macbook Dock

Best Docking station for Macbook Pro


  • Brand:Plugable
  • Interface: USB Docking station
  • Ports: 11

Reasons to Buy
  • Universal Dosking Station
  • Connect three displays at a time
  • Windows 11 Compatible
  • Multi-Port docking station
Reasons to Not
  • charge little slow
  • Little bit heavier

If you work with many screens or want to connect three additional screens. Or other peripherals like mouse, headphones, keyboard, charger, external storage devices. Then this pluggable universal docking station would be the best choice for you. This docking station works with both Mac and Windows. And is able to connect three displays at a time.

This is a horizontal docking station and covers less space on your desktop. You can not place it vertically, Because it has vents on its sides for heat dissipation. They may get blocked on the vertical placement of the docking station. While my testing. I found this docking station charge a little slower. If your laptop requires an 85 Wattage charge. Then you may face a little slower charging rate as compared to other docking stations of this range.

On its front-facing, there are 4 different ports. Which is USB 3 and USB C, headphone and microphone jack. The backside has USB C ports, an ethernet port, 2K HDMI, and a 4K HDMI Port. An additional USB C port is also located on the back. Which will be used for supplying power to the docking station from the laptop. The third monitor will be connected using a DVI port which is also on the backside.

Also, upon connection, it will take you to their website. From there you will download display link drivers. Unfortunately, This Macbook docking station also lacks an SD card reader slot. Which its competitor possesses.

In Conclusion, If you want to connect multiple screens at higher resolution and need a dock that covers less space on your desktop. Then this Plugable Universal docking station would be a great choice. But you will lack an SD card reader. If you are selecting this one.

WAVLINK Universal Docking station – Best Macbook Pro Dock

Best Universal Docking Station


  • Brand:WAVLINK
  • Interface: Ethernet, USB 3.0
  • Ports: 6

Reasons to Buy
  • Universal Laptop Dosking Station
  • Wide Compatibilty
  • Excellent Build Quality
  • Supports 5K Resolution
Reasons to Not
  • Little Bit unstable with audio

Now, I am going to share my experience with another laptop 3.0 docking station. Which is manufactured by WAVLINK. This laptop dock comes with many ports but the port caught my eye and made this dock a featured dock. Is a 1-gigabit Ethernet port. Also, this WAVLINK docking station is capable of connecting two monitors.

On the right end, there is a microphone jack, a headphone jack. On the rear end, it has a power supply port. 2 USB 3,0 Ports, 4 USB 2,0 Ports, an HDMI port, DVI Plug-in, and LAN Port. It is easy to set up and has no need for any external drivers.

In conclusion, If you need a plug-and-play USB docking station that is lightweight and compact. And support a wide range of devices. Then this universal WAVLINK docking station would be a good choice.

Best USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 and 4 Macbook Docking stations – Buying Guide

If you have a MacBook then the docking station is the must-have gadget for you. Because MacBook does do not have enough ports to fulfill your connectivity needs. So, It is a device on which you depend for connectivity of peripherals and it must be good enough to provide you better connectivity. Below are the points that you should consider before making the choice of a USB docking station for your Macbook.


The number of ports of the docking station should be your top priority. While selecting the docking station. Always check that either your selected MacBook docking station has all the ports that you need. Like if you do gaming then you need an HDMI port of external display, Headphone jack, USB Port for mouse plug-in. So, if the Macbook dock has the required ports we will move towards point 2.


Another major factor is connectivity. If your selected dock does not support the USB port of your laptop then your investment has gone wasted. So, always make sure that the dock you are going to buy can be easily connected to your Macbook or laptop.


The portability of a docking station enhances productivity. Because you can keep it in your laptop bag and can use it on the go whenever you need it.


Either you are going to buy a universal docking station, Macbook docking station, or any other dock. Always check the compatible devices list before making a purchase. Because every docking station is not compatible with all kinds of laptops.

FAQs – Best Macbook docking stations

What is the difference between Thunderbolt 3,4 or USB-C docking stations?

In their visuals, they all look the same. But they differ in terms of speed and advancement. USB-C has significantly less speed as compared to Thunderbolt. So, Thunderbolt 3 and 4 docking stations provide you higher data transfer rate as compared to USB-C

Is a Macbook Docking station worth it?

Yes! buying a docking station for MacBook is really worth it. Because usually a MacBook has fewer ports and it cannot fulfill all of your connectivity problems. In this case, you need an external hub that can help you to connect peripherals. So, buying a dock for MacBook is a must-have.

Does a docking station improve performance?

Certainly Yes! A docking station improves performance. It enhances productivity and portability. There are many other benefits also explained in the article. You can refer from.

Does the docking station slow down the laptop?

Some docking stations decrease your laptop performance and may make them run slower but not all.

Final Words: Best usb-c dock for macbook pro

Docking stations are designed to provide better connectivity. And in the case of Apple users, they are essential products. Because usually, MacBook Lacks many ports to serve your all connectivity needs. Sometimes it’s been a little tricky to find the best USB-c dock for MacBook pro. But the above docks are recommended by keeping all features in mind that you need like fast data transfer, multiple pots, more displays, ethernet ports. So feel free to buy from our selections. Hopefully, you wouldn’t regret it.

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