Best portable external hard drive 2021 – Hard Disk for Laptop, PC, PS4

If you’re looking for the best portable hard drive for yourself or someone you love to travel with, we’re here to tell you that Seagate’s series drive is available right now. The best portable external hard drive 2021 is not only compact but super-fast in working too. Most give you full access to your files wherever you are. This means you can take your memories with you on any trip – taking them with you to another town across the country.

There are a lot of great reasons why you should invest in a Seagate external hard drive. We test hundreds of products in our Best in Class series, and some are absolute must-haves. With the super-slim design, easy read/write speed, and high-performance design, we list down the six best external hard drives. Check out this roundup of the best portable external hard drives to see which offer the best combination of quality and portability. Let’s do this! For Best External Hard Disk, read on…

Review of best portable external hard drive for pc and mac

Seagate Portable 1TB External Hard Drive HDD – Best Budget Hard Drive

Seagate Portable 1TB STGX1000400 External Hard Drive HDD


  • Brand ‎Seagate
  • Series ‎STGX1000400
  • Hardware Platform ‎PC
  • Operating System  ‎Windows10, 8
  • Compatible with Gaming Console, PS4, PC, Mac
  • Weight ‎6.7 ounces
  • Dimensions ‎4.6 x 3.15 x 0.58 
  • Color ‎Black
  • Flash Memory Size ‎1
  • Hard Drive Interface ‎USB 3.0


Seagate hard drive makes the fast reformatting and backup a snap. It is designed for the latest Windows or Mac computers. Just plug and play – you don’t need software to use it. Connect it to your computer for automatic recognition. The drive provides 1TB storage. It is durable, portable, and lightweight enough for travel use, including on-the-go notebook users, multimedia enthusiasts, and mobile professionals

The Seagate Portable STGX1000400 drive can hold more of the videos, photos, and files you want to take on your computer.  It’s simple: plug in the USB cable and drag and drop or back up files from anywhere.  Take it with you wherever you go – USB 3.0 and 18-inch connectivity ensure fast file transfer speeds. With the Seagate Portable Drive, you can take your files with you keeping everything safe and secure.

Protect your digital life with the 1TB Seagate Portable External Hard Drive. Store up to 1TB of photos, videos, music, and documents with this best portable external hard drive 2021that let you access your content from any device. It runs quietly and fits in the palm of your hand for easy mobility. Plus, you can back up almost any file type, thanks to the software provided on the drive.

  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac
  • Durable and portable
  • USB 3.0 and 18-inch connectivity
  • Lightweight enough for travel use
  • It takes too much time to transfer a large amount of data

Seagate Portable 2TB External Hard Drive – Best Seagate Hard Drive for PS4

Seagate Portable 2TB STGX2000400 External Hard Drive Portable HDD


  • Digital Storage 2 TB
  • Compatible Gaming Console, PS4, PC,  Mac
  • Brand Seagate
  • Series Expansion
  • Specific Business and Personal Uses


This two terabytes best portable external hard drive 2021 stores your files, photos, and HD videos. Now that everything is digital, you need a lot of storage space on hand to keep all of your information safe. With 2TB of storage for your PC, Mac, PS4, gaming console, or laptop, you can bring your essential files on the go without having to worry about running out of space.

The Seagate Expansion portable drive is perfect for those who need immediate file access and bring their files along. Making room for more on your computer has never been easier—drags and drop files into the portable drive’s simple, clear interface. It’s that easy. With space enough for hundreds of HD movies, this high-capacity drive provides an instant transfer solution to suit any on-the-go lifestyle. 

The Seagate STGX2000400 comes with a free trial of Dashboard, the software for PC to make it even easier to manage and back up all of your digital content on any device. It’s easy to take wherever you go-simply plug it into any USB 3.0 port (adapter included). Available in 2TB capacity, it’s ideal for working on the go or storing your entertainment collection. 

Offering a generous 2 TB of storage space, the Seagate Expansion Portable drive is ready to be filled with your most important files. It provides drag-and-drop simplicity and fast file transfers for added productivity. The 18 inch USB 3.0 cable makes it easy to use with smartphones, tablets, and notebooks that feature micro-USB connections.

  • Instantly add space for more files
  • Fast storage solution
  • Compact and lightweight
  • One Year Rescue Service
  • USB 3.0, sleek storage solution
  • It has small storage for business purposes

Seagate Portable 4TB External Hard Drive HDD – Best Seagate Hard Drive

Seagate Portable 4TB STGX4000400 External Hard Drive HDD


  • 4 TB Digital Storage Capacity
  • Compatible PC, PS4,  Mac, Gaming Console,
  • Series STGX4000400
  • Business and Personal Uses
  • Weight ‎9.1 ounces
  • Product Dimensions ‎4.6 x 3.15 x 0.79


Seagate Portable Drive, a 4TB portable hard drive is best option to store large amount of data. Ideal for storing and backing up your digital files, the Seagate Portable Drive comes formatted for Windows computers and works with Mac computers (requires reformatting). If you want to take your files with you, use the included USB 3.0 data cable to easily transfer or back up files from your Windows or Mac computer.

Whether you need to back up a business or personal content, this Seagate USB hard drive is an easy way to keep your files at your fingertips. The 4TB storage space allows you to store and access up to 2,000 hours of digital video content or 440 two-hour movies and documents all in one device.

The Seagate STGX4000400 drive has large storage to store an extensive amount of data on the cloud too. PlayBack feature allows users to recover files they accidentally deleted quickly. 18 inch USB 3.0 connectivity delivers a faster data transfer speed than USB 2.0. System requirements: Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10; Mac OS X

The Seagate 4TB is perfect for users with lots of photos, videos, or other files that they want to access fast, this drive gives you 4TB of storage. It is twice as much as our most extensive free agent drive—in a lightweight, compact design that makes it easy to take your media on the road.

This 4 TB hard drive holds thousands of songs, hundreds of important files, or several hundred thousand photos, so there’s plenty of space for all your entertainment needs. The sleek portable design allows you to take it with you wherever you go. It’s compatible with Xbox One, PS4, and Mac computers.

  • Sleek portable design
  • USB 3.0 connectivity and password protection
  • Easy to protect your entire digital life
  • Automatic recognition no software needed
  • Stop being readable after several years

Seagate Portable 5TB External Hard Drive HDD – Best for Storage

Seagate Portable 5TB STGX5000400 External Hard Drive HDD


  • Digital Storage Capacity 5 TB
  • PS4, Gaming Console, PC, Mac Compatible 
  • USB Connectivity Technology
  • Hard Disk Size 5 TB
  • Hardware Platform ‎PC, Mac
  • Weight ‎9.2 ounces
  • Dimensions 4.61 x 3.15 x 0.79 
  • Flash Memory Size ‎5


It stores and accesses up to 5TB of content on the Seagate external hard drive. USB powered, this external hard drive features an 18 inch USB 3.0 cable connecting to a computer with a USB port. Compatible with Windows or Mac computers, this best portable external hard drive 2021makes it easy to compress files and drag and drop. For added convenience, the software is included. The sleek black exterior features silver accents for a refined look.

Protect 5TB of your data with the Seagate external hard drive. This hard drive connects to USB-C, Micro USB, and USB 3.0 connections with an included 18-inch cable to ensure compatibility with most laptops and mobile devices. Transferring large media files to take them with you is a breeze with this Seagate portable drive. It comes equipped with a fast cable for quick and easy connection to Mac or Windows computers.

Seagate’s high-speed portable 5TB external hard drive HDD is built to go anywhere. With a durable black and green design, this portable hard drive makes it easy to transfer file backups or travel photos without taking too much space. Drag and drop file saving works seamlessly with Windows computers, so adding extra storage is easy.

This is best portable external hard drive for pc features software to help you automatically store and access the content. The drive provides 5TB of storage and can be easily transferred between devices.

Plus, this STGX5000400 hard drive features automatic backup software for Windows or Mac computers so that you can back up your computer and access files quickly and easily from either a PC or Mac computer. It can also be used for Mac. You’ll be able to view photos and videos or listen to music saved on the hard drive using your favorite media player software

  • Free return if any issue by Amazon
  • So costly to buy

Seagate STEL6000100 Backup Plus Hub 6TB External Hard Drive – Best Hard Drive for Desktop

Seagate STEL6000100 Backup Plus Hub 6TB External Hard Drive Desktop HD


  • Digital Storage Capacity 6 TB
  • Compatible Laptop, Desktop
  • Seagate Backup Plus Hub
  • Business, personal Uses 
  • Hardware Platform ‎PC, Mac
  • Weight ‎2.34 pounds
  • Dimensions 4.65 x 1.61 x 7.8


Are you looking to back up your business or personal files? Seagate Backup Plus Hub 6TB External Hard Drive is an easy solution. The Seagate STEL6000100 Backup plus Hub has two USB ports for high-speed data transfer and an AC power adapter. 

Spinning at 7200 rpm, this hard drive offers two ports for simultaneous access of different files with the included all-in-one software suite. Mac’s NTFS driver allows you to seamlessly use Windows and Mac, cross-file sharing, and cross-platform backup capabilities. On Adobe Creative Cloud, it has free four-month membership to share your important data. If you to know about the Best laptop for photo editing and Photoshop, then please read this guide to select the best one.

This hard drive features a USB 3. 0 hub with two ports for external devices such as thumb drives or USB connections for cameras. It also can connect multiple devices such as smart TVs, desktop computers, and PS3/PS4 game consoles. It comes with a 3-year limited warranty from Storage Suppliers.

This drive is crafted with a tough, durable exterior for long-term protection. With the ability to store massive amounts of data, this drive is excellent for archiving everything from documents and photos to music and movies. It can back up photos and videos to your PC or Mac computer.

The Seagate Backup Plus Hub desktop drive simplifies the protection and management of your digital life with integrated cloud services. It transfers speeds up to 5 Gbps, avoiding cloud delays. It is bundled with an extra connector for the optional Seagate Backup plus Hub mobile app as well. The large capacity of this drive (6 TB) means you have plenty of space to store your files and access them whenever needed.

  • The intuitive way to manage your files
  • Larger space than other
  • One-click way to protect and share
  • Storage on fingertips with 6TB of space
  • Some computers have hard drive detection issue

Seagate Desktop 8TB External Hard Drive HDD – Best External Hard Drive for Desktop

Seagate Desktop 8TB STGY8000400 External Hard Drive HDD


  • 8 TB Digital Storage Capacity
  • Series Expansion
  • Business, personal Specific Uses 
  • Hardware Platform ‎PC, Mac
  • ‎Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 11 
  • Weight‎ 2.43 pounds
  • Dimensions ‎7.06 x 4.65 x 1.63


Having a large-capacity hard drive, you can save any amount of data. A fantastic notebook drive for your PC, this external desktop 8TB is used to back up your files with just a drag and drop. This high-performance storage device features an 18 inches USB 3.0 cable and an 18-watt power adapter. For your Mac computer, it is plug & play, easier for using. 

Moreover, it makes you feel relaxed about rigidity that will not be damaged with dropping or smashing. With the compact size and lightweight, you can take your drives anywhere as you wish. Whether you’re consolidating your digital life or just backing up the essentials, you can’t go wrong with an 8TB external hard drive. The Seagate Desktop Drive provides an easy-to-use solution when you need to quickly and securely share content.

The Seagate Desktop Drive is a secure and straightforward way to add storage to your computer. It’s compatible with both Mac and PC, so you can begin saving your digital life right out of the box. This high-capacity 8TB drive delivers ample space for photos, videos, and all of your documents.

Now you can protect those precious files with the Seagate Backup Plus Desktop Drive, the simple, one-click way to back up everything from your computer. The 8 TB drive is perfect for PC or Mac computers and includes a 1-year subscription to Dropbox. It’s ideal for archiving your collection of videos, photos, or music on one drive – in your house or in the office.

The Seagate Desktop Drive is the best portable external hard drive 2021 for Windows or Mac computers. Moreover, the desktop drive features Seagate Dashboard software with Mobile Device Backup compatibility. It can be used on Mac OS X v10.6+, Windows 8, 7, Vista, and XP operating systems.

  • Perfect for the large business
  • Simply plug in the power adapter
  • 8TB of total storage to easy file saving
  • Automatic recognition
  • 18-watt power adapter
  • Have less warranty time

Which factors you should consider while buying portable external hard drive

USB power supply

To attach to the pc, all sd cards use a standard USB cable. Still, some involve a dual USB connection even though that can get power from the machine via a second USB port. That’s a lot more convenient than needing to search a wall outlet to plug the external drive into, though that can quickly deplete your machine’s USB ports. Consider how models are powered when comparing them.

Connectivity via USB 3.0 or USB-C

Most drives connect via USB ports and can use almost everywhere. Even so, the latest USB standard, USB-C, also known as USB 3.1, with a new feature set, has become accessible. So if your device has a spare USB-C port, it’s well worth upgrading.

Storage space

While the largest of these can hold up to 2TB of data, they are expensive and needlessly large for simple transfers. Instead, end up saving your money and purchase a 64GB drive, which could be bought for less than $20. For not much more, you could get drives with twice the storage.

Transfer rate

Even when it comes to complex devices, size isn’t everything. The speed with which data is transferred is critical. If you frequently share data to a large drive, you don’t want to wait for ages for all the exchange to finish. USB connections that are older than 2.0 can be perplexing. Specifications may be listed as USB 3.0. USB 3.2 is the fastest, with speeds of up to 20Gbps.


External hard drives are routinely formatted for a particular operating system right out of the box. Some hard drives are also formatted explicitly for Linux. This configuration, however, is not irreversible. A hard drive can be reformatted or partitioned to have multiple functions. 

Durability & portability

If all you need is an external drive for backups stored at home, network-attached storage (NAS) computers could be a wiser choice. They are typically used as a self-contained cabled machine on the local network, with multiple drives & storage modes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What amount of storage space do you require?

The most exciting issue yourself before you begin buying is how much storage space you require today, as well as how much extra space you will need in the future. If you purchase an external hard drive with many terabytes of storage space, expect shared folders to be slightly slower. Our biggest tip is to decide your overall data storage requirements today and purchase a drive that is at least 40% larger than that.

  1. How long would a classic external drive fade?

It is dependent on how frequently you use it and how much you use it. Suppose you use your external drive for elevated jobs regularly. In that case, this will quickly last several years before slowing. If you’re not using it frequently, it can last for years longer. 

  1. Can I attach several external drives to share data between them?

No. External drives are only meant to be attached to a computer’s USB cord and therefore can communicate with one another. Suppose you need to transfer data through one external drive to another. 

  1. How much should I back up my device’s files to a USB monitor?

It is determined by how commonly you change things to your computer’s local files. Suppose your job or university necessitates you to start creating various new files each week, for example.

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In short, choosing the best portable external hard drive 2021 for your computer can be confusing. Finding the right portable hard drive should be easy if you understand two important factors: The first is marketplace competition. If you’re buying from a big company, they’ll have their own best drives. The second is how well-supported (and expensive) the product is in their stores.

STGX4000400 Seagate Portable 4TB External Hard Drive HDD is one of the best and most selling hard drives on our list. It is the best portable external hard drive 2021 due to its affordability, fast speed, and adequate storage capacity. We hope that our review provides you enough knowledge to buy Seagate hard drive portable quickly.

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