5 best travel and work laptop backpack for men

Men love to work and travel! And the experience becomes super-amazing when they carry dapper backpacks. Laptop backpacks have become the need of the time among all working men. They bring convenience and help out men carry their traveling and working accessories with ease. In addition, high-end laptop backpacks not only look dapper and stylish; in fact, they are versatile and highly multi-functional to use. Check out the reviews on the 5 best travel and work laptop backpack for men.

They not only accommodate your laptops, even allow you to keep lots of travel accessories. A few of them have a hidden and theft-proof pocket design so that none of your items get stolen. It is time to feel great during working and traveling, and this becomes possible upon investing in a good-quality backpack. You can also check out our review on Trending Laptop Backpacks for Women

Top 5 travel and work laptop backpack for men

TZOWLA Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

TZOWLA Anti-theft Laptop Backpack

TZOWLA Anti-theft Laptop Backpack might become your favorite pick because it is the best men’s backpack for work. Unquestionably, it has become one of the exclusive and high-end backpacks dedicated to keeping your laptops. Furthermore, it has lots of pockets and brings convenience for working men.

TZOWLA Anti-theft Laptop Backpack comes with a separate and isolated laptop compartment. It holds all those laptops that arrive up to 15.6 inches in dimension.

It hands over you a lot of storing potential to keep your daily use of tech accessories. The front compartment comes with masses of pockets.  

Furthermore, the USB interface encompasses a built-in cable design. If workingmen are looking for a kind of backpack that serves maximum security and large capacity, have a TZOWLA backpack for sure. It has durable metal zippers and keeps your valuable fully protected inside.

  • Separate laptop compartment
  • Many pockets
  • Built-in cable design
  • Limited color options availability

Key Features

  • Pen pockets
  • Key fob hook
  • USB interface
  • Great convenience
  • Durable Metal Zippers
  • Polyester Fabric Material
  • External dimensions are 20x 11.8 x 5.5 inch

Undoubtedly, the TZOWLA backpack is ideal for securing your laptops. A great working and traveling companion has arrived. The presence of luggage strap design and wide padded shoulder straps makes it a practical backpack choice. The old and traditional laptop backpacks should now get replaced with such options.

Matein Water-resistant Laptop Travel Backpack 

Matein Water-resistant Laptop Travel Backpack 

Matein water-resistant men’s laptop backpack may bring the desire excitement level to your traveling or working routine. If you think your laptop needs good-quality backpack gear, invest in a Matein backpack model and enjoy its use.

Most noteworthy, it comes with a luggage strap to give easier carrying time to the user. In addition, the induction and arming of padded shoulder straps pass a comfortable fitting time. Most of the men have complained that their current backpack puts a lot of stress on their shoulders. But Matein backpack remains stress-free to use.

You can fit all those kinds of laptops in this backpack that are up to 15.6 inches. It even accommodates laptops that are up to 15 Inches, 14 Inches. Hence, one of the lightweight and sturdy backpacks specifically designed for men have made an entry.

You can have a Matein pack as it gives maximum back support. The presence of comfortable and airflow back design, multi-panel ventilated padding relieve the possible amount of stress on the shoulder. 

  • Safe and Convenient
  • It gives a more comfortable fit
  • Foam padded top handle
  • Need regular cleaning

Key Features

  • Custom-fit and padded shoulder straps 
  • Plenty of Space
  • Lots of Pockets
  • Mesh pockets 
  • Lightweight and Sturdy
  • multi-panel and ventilated padding
  • Built-in USB charger 
  • Water Resistant Fabric 

Matein laptop backpack for men may capture your love, attention, and praise. It is pretty durable and solid. In addition, water-resistant and high-end polyester fabric finishes the whole product. This one is an everyday backpack that you can conveniently carry!

MAXTOP Deep Storage Backpack

AXTOP Deep Storage Backpack

MAXTOP Deep Storage Backpack is the best one to grab all praise and support from your wide. Working and traveling time seems incomplete if you do not carry a good quality backpack. So, here we are with the MAXTOP laptop backpack for men. You can store and keep all kinds of tech gear, notebooks, and daily essentials in it.

In addition, it fits those laptops that are up to 15.6 inches. MAXTOP laptop backpack encompasses an external front zipper pocket in it. It has two further side pockets to place your glasses and water bottles. It is high time to say goodbye to old-styled laptop backpacks and consider investing in such valuable and convenient-looking packs. Undoubtedly, it counts as a great traveling backpack.

The arming of an ergonomic back support system makes it an authentic outclass backpack that skillfully caters to your needs on the best notes. In addition, it encompasses soft padding and ensures to give maximum back support. These S-shape padded shoulder straps do not place any stress and inconvenient feel on your shoulders. Hence, it arrives in an updated quality and shows multi-purpose nature.

  • Deep Storage
  • Creative USB Design
  • Ergonomic Back Support System
  • Delayed customer service

Key Features

  • External front zipper pocket
  • Two side pockets
  • Power Bank Pocket
  • Anti Theft Pocket
  • Luggage belt design
  • Soft padding
  • Not easy to wrinkle

MAXTOP laptop backpack remains a popular option among men because it showcases updated quality. In addition, the reviewed gear counts itself as an ideal option for traveling, working, and ensures long-lasting use. We think that you should now discard your old backpacks and try buying a new one, just like the MAXTOP laptop backpack.

Ytonet Backpack for men

Ytonet Backpack for men

The next choice arrives in the form of a Ytonet Backpack for men. This one is an excellent carry-on backpack that marks an exclusive option for traveling and working routine purposes. Durability, water-resistance quality, and sturdy zippers make it a super-classy-looking bag and one stylish laptop backpacks.

Moreover, if you think that your current pack only gives you a messy and chaotic experience, it means it is high time to get a new backpack for yourself. Tons of pockets encapsulate and surround this backpack. It has a padded laptop pocket and ideally fits a 15.6″ laptop.

Along with that, Ytonet Backpack has exterior pockets. It consists of a back zipper pocket and remains roomy enough to keeps your books, iPad, and Kindle, cell phone. The presence of a USB charging port and high functionality mark it one of the top backpacks. Because of the built-in charging cable, you can charge your phone by connecting it with your power bank.

Hence, Ytonet Backpack deserves praise from our side because it is functional and valuable from all angles and sides. The Back zipper pocket and the arming of the RFID pocket protect your data from being stolen. Time to make a good choice and carry Ytonet Backpack for the daily commute! You can have it for work, travel, business trips.

  • Functional and Safe to use
  • Back zipper pocket
  • Comfort and Convenience
  • Hand washable only

Key Features

  • Padded laptop pocket
  • Six interior pockets
  • USB Port
  • RFID pocket
  • Convenient for traveling

Ytonet Backpack guarantees to offer comfort and convenience. The induction of wide and top open design makes it your faithful companion during traveling and work times. In addition, it gives visible and quick access while you reach your gear, laptop, and other essentials.

SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack

SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack

One of the exclusive tech backpacks models has arrived in your home. Yes, we are talking about SwissGear ScanSmart men backpack for work. Now, packing your laptop, other gear, and essentials remain no longer becomes a stress-free task.

Most importantly, it counts and marks itself as a 17-inch laptop backpack. Undoubtedly, it remains specifically designed to make your traveling and working routine mess-free. Upon buying this laptop backpack, you get to see the presence of an enhanced laptop compartment. The zippered access accompanies this compartment. There comes even a padded Tablet-Safe pocket.

It is now possible to ensure effortless organization while packing your stuff because backpacks like these have made our lives calm and peaceful. In addition, the main compartment comes with an accordion file holder.

There incorporates an RFID-protected organizer and a removable key/fob clip in SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack as well. Lastly, it comprises multiple pockets and gives a comfortable carrying time. This platform may provide more reviews on leather laptop backpack, so stay tuned.

  • Ideal Tech Backpack
  • Secure Storage
  • Effortless Organization
  • Style may get improved a bit

Key Features

  • Enhanced laptop compartment
  • zippered access 
  • RFID-protected compartment 
  • Multiple Pockets
  • Two mesh side pockets 
  • padded shoulder straps
  • The bag volume is 31 L.

SwissGear ScanSmart Backpack satisfied us on extensive notes. You will probably find this backpack hassle-free to carry. It arrives in the lay-flat laptop backpack form. Furthermore, it includes an ergonomically contoured design. The incorporation of padded shoulder straps and adjustable compression straps push us to become the fan of it. Rest, the arming of airflow back padding, and molded top handle may encourage you to shop it as soon as possible.

Buying Guide

The buying guide perfectly illustrates choosing the 5 best travel and work laptop backpack for men:

360-degree superior protection

Invest in a laptop backpack that gives 360-degree protection to your laptop. It should have a soft fluffy interior and thick protective ridge completely around its zippers. In addition, look for the backpack that encompasses itself with the only waterproof material exterior. If it gives 360° superior protection, it means your laptop remains protected from scratches, knocks, and bumps, and all kinds of accidental dropping.

Premium-standard and high-end 300D nylon

Try looking for a kind of laptop backpack that composes of premium-standard and high-end 300D nylon. If it has a water-resistant and 300D exterior nylon, it means your laptop and other essentials successfully remain guarded. On the other hand, top-quality backpacks have a soft padded interior, deliver incredible sturdiness, and remain to withstand tearing and abrasion.

Lots of pockets, spacious compartment, and magnetic buckle

Furthermore, have a backpack laptop with lots of pockets and a magnetic clasp. Multiple numbers of chambers ensure easy and quick access. Besides, top-notch brands have started to infuse innovative security locks and charge port designs in their backpacks.


  1. Are laptops safe and secure in a backpack?

Yes, laptops remain safe and secure in a backpack. The current and latest models of bags have a padded laptop compartment. They keep your laptop system protected enough to get any dents and scratches.

  1. How to choose and pick up a backpack for your laptop?

The process remains easy while selecting a backpack for keeping your laptop. Search for the daypack that comes as a good fit for your laptop system. It should have ample and sufficient breathable padding in it. High-end backpacks now remain packed with hip belts and manage to distribute even weight from your shoulders to the hips.

  1. What size does the laptop fit and adjust in a backpack?

Laptops up to 15.5 inches remain perfectly fit and adjust in all kinds of backpacks. This one is a standard laptop size that gets compatible and causes no issues while getting fit.

Final Verdict

We hope that you may find these 5 best travel and work laptop backpack for men impressive of all. Superb qualities encapsulate these laptop backpacks. That is why they have become a part of our list. In addition, these backpacks run on a multi-panel and highly effective airflow system. 

Our Top Choices are:

  • TZOWLA Anti-theft Laptop Backpack (Best Construction)
  • Matein Water-resistant Laptop Travel Backpack (Best Padding)
  • MAXTOP Deep Storage Backpack (Best water-resistant)

To all working men, some of the dapper laptop backpacks have indeed arrived at your doorstep. Get enough ideas from the list mentioned earlier, and share with us which backpack you have picked! All of them are world-class, water-resistant, and anti-theft in nature!

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