Best cooling pads for gaming laptops in 2023

What are the Best Cooling Pads for gaming laptops?

The best laptop coolers are the ones that can protect your laptops from overheating, and smoothen your gaming experience by running your laptop at a lower temperature.

When you do gaming or work on applications that consume maximum laptop resources such as Adobe premier pro or Android Studio, then an ordinary laptop cooling pad will not work. This is because a laptop dissipates more heat while running these applications than in regular conditions. Therefore, for a more efficient gaming or work experience you need an external cooler that assists the laptop’s built-in cooling system and draws heat away.

To help you in making the right decision, I had tested around 12 laptop coolers and listed the five best gaming laptop coolers. You can read their features, my testing experience with them, and their pros and cons.

But, If you are in a rush and unable to read detailed specifications. Then you can go with the Pccooler laptop cooling pad. As this proved to be the best gaming laptop cooler of all.

Pccooler Laptop cooling pad

Pccooler gaming laptop cooling pad
9.7/10 Our Score


  • Brand: Pccooler
  • Material: Steel
  • Fans: 5 Cooling Fans
  • Color: Black & Red
  • Ports: Dual USB 2.0 Ports
  • Weight: 2.09 Pounds

List of Best gaming laptop coolers in 2023

5 Best cooling pads for gaming laptops in 2023

Below you can read the detailed reviews of the 5 best gaming laptop cooling pads along with their pros and cons. Surely, this guide will help you to buy the best laptop cooler for your overheated laptop.

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KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad Review – Best 4 Fans KLIM cooling pad

Best cooling pad for gaming laptop
  • KLIM Gaming Laptop Cooler 
  • Support Laptops 11 to 17 inch
  • Light in weight
  • Less Noisy 
  • 1200 per minute rotations 
  • Dual USB Ports
  • Compatible with PS4 and XBOX

KLIM Technologies is one of the top brands for manufacturing cooling pads for gaming laptops in the US. This model of KLIM laptop cooler can support laptops from 11 to up to 17 inches, can be 19 but not recommended because fans placement may miss some vital spots.

This KLIM laptop cooler embeds 4 fans that can spin up to 1200 revolutions per minute each. So if your laptop is overheated then it has the capacity to calm down it to normal temperature in just a matter of minutes.

Now we are going to talk about KLIM laptop cooler features in detail:

Wide Compatibility:

It will work best when your laptop size is between 11 to 17 inches. The wind coming from the fans will cover the whole area under your laptop which can drop down its temperature to normal in just minutes.

Again I will not recommend this piece for a laptop higher than 17 inches because the cooler will miss some vital spots to cool down the laptop. So, this is the 17-inch laptop cooling pad.

Silent Cooler:

Yes, one of its best features is that it is a quiet worker. Because most often we see that laptop coolers are noisy but this one is not. It will cool down the temperature by staying quiet and will not make a hurdle in your work or gaming.


The top layer of this KLIM gaming laptop cooler is made out of a magnetic material. So if your laptop’s bottom is metallic it will stick to it even without baffles. Therefore, no sliding issues at all. But it also has baffled present which prevents it from sliding and stops it from causing any frustration.

RGB Lights:

Cooling fans of this KLIM laptop cooler have RGB lights. However, RGB Lights have no relation with performance. When you start using this laptop cooler they automatically brighten the fans. Sadly, they cannot be turned off.

Weight and Size:

The weight of the KLIM laptop cooler is around 70 grams almost. The length of this gaming cooler is 40 centimeters

Affordable Price:

It is a budget-friendly gaming laptop cooler. So, less price and high-performance you can expect from this gaming laptop cooler.

  • Highly Powerful laptop cooler with 4 fans
  • Less Noisy
  • Compatble with large laptops
  • Support multiple sizes
  • Compatible with gaming consoles
  • Not placeable on lap
  • Lights cannot be turned off

My experience with this laptop cooler

I had tested this product with ASUS TUF Laptop and it works fine accordingly and can be considered as a good product within this price range.

Without this laptop cooler, my CPU Temperature would reach from 46-48 degrees Celcius. This temperature increase occurs when I play intensive games or run intensive applications like Adobe Creative applications.

On the other side, the results are a little bit satisfying after connecting this cooling pad. The CPU temperature lowers down to 43 degrees celsius. I was expecting more from this but within this price range, it can be considered as good.

Honestly, to professional gamers, I am not going to recommend this cooler. But if you do gaming for just a hobby or in your free time and facing trouble with laptop temperature then this laptop cooler is good to go. Hit the below button to check the latest price on Amazon.

Havit HV-F2056 Review – 17 Inch Laptop Cooler

best cooling pads for gaming laptops
  • Supports laptop from 15 -17″
  • 3 Fans
  • Slim portable and light-weight
  • RAM: 16GB 
  • Less Noisy
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 2 adjustable height levels

Unusual laptop heating does not happen only while gaming. Sometimes, if you use the laptop for hours for your regular office work or study purposes its fans start making noise. This indicates that internal fans are unable to maintain the temperature. So, you need some external cooling for some time to work smoothly. To deal with this situation we selected Havit HV F2056 laptop cooler.

This laptop cooler supports laptops from 15 inches up to 17 inches more precisely starting from 15.6 inches. It comes with 3 fans that can spin up to 1100 rotations per minute. Each with 65 CFM airflow, which means you need not worry about overheating issues while you are using it. No, external power is required to start operating it. Just you have to use your laptop USB Port to plug this Havit laptop cooler and it will start working.

Let’s discuss Havit laptop cooler features in detail:

Build Quality:

Havit HV F 2056 laptop cooler is made up of plastic. The upper surface has mesh which is of pretty fine quality. This material makes this laptop cooler lightweight. Since It is made up of plastic, it doesn’t get hot while you are operating it.


This cooling pad is highly portable with a body of only 1.2” inches and is also a lightweight product. This means if you want a laptop cooler that you can use anywhere then it is most certainly the best choice you are going to make.

Less Noisy:

The fans of this gaming laptop cooler are super quiet and provide you with a noise-free environment while working. I experienced maximum noise of only 15db. 

Ergonomic Design:

The HV-F2056 notebook cooler is designed ergonomically with two height adjustment levels. With this option of adjustment in height, you can get better viewing angles. So, ergonomic design provides comfort to your back and neck while working on the laptop for a long.

Working Indicator:

This laptop cooler comes with the indicator light which is located near the power switch by which you can easily know whether your laptop cooler is working or not.

Along with these amazing features, the HV-F2056 gaming laptop cooling pad is budget-friendly.

Fan Lights:

This looks cool when you turn on the fans got the color. All the fans have single color light and cannot be changed to other colors. But this is pretty fine and looks fine to me. Sadly, there is no option available in this notebook cooler to turn the fan lights off. They turned off when you power off the cooler either by unplugging from a laptop or by its power switch.

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Two height adjustment levels
  • Working indicator light
  • Budget-friendly
  • Light weight
  • Fans do not make noise
  • Lights cannot be turned off
  • Not good for intensive gaming
  • Single color light

My experience with Havit HV 2056?

So, as per my experience and usage if you are a regular gamer then you should buy a more powerful one. This can be a source of good laptop cooling if you use the laptop for office work, study purposes, or just play a game as a refreshment or hobby.

If you do intensive gaming and running software like CAD, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Indesign. Then this would not much beneficial for you.

AICHESON Laptop Cooling Pad ReviewBest gaming laptop cooling pad

best laptop cooling pad
  • Brand: AICHESON
  • 5 Cooling Fans
  • Support laptops up to 17 inch
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Silent Cooler
  • 4 Height adjustment levels
  • Adjustable wind speed

If your laptop is large and you stare at your laptop for a long time like playing games, doing productive work like photo editing, video editing, 3D Modeling then this AICHESON laptop cooler is for you.

AICHESON heavy notebook cooler can support laptops from 12 to 17 inches. Also, it is designed ergonomically and comes with a stand with 4 height adjustment levels that help you to set viewing angles accordingly to your need.

This is 5 fans laptop cooling station and is specifically good for large laptops. This laptop cooler covers all vital spots under your laptop and blows cool air into it that helps to lower the temperature in less time.

Let’s discuss its features in detail

Wide Compatibility:

This laptop cooler can work best with larger laptops ranging from 12 inches to 17 inches. It has 5 fans that run at the same time and blow cool air into the laptop to keep the temperature normal. The upper surface of this notebook cooler is made up of fine metal mesh and all other sides are of plastic. On the upper surface after the mesh, there is a flip-up that can hold your laptop and prevent it from sliding off.

Ergonomic Design:

One of the best features that you will love about it is its ergonomic design. It has 4 height adjustment levels which help to set the laptop at different angles according to sitting position. So if you work for so long or stare at your laptop for most of your time then definitely you want to change your position frequently. So, this laptop cooler can be considered the best cooling pad because it provides you comfort by saying goodbye to back pain. 

Ultra Powerful:

AICHESON S035 notebook cooler has 5 fans. 1 big fan in the center and 2 small fans on each side. The combination of 5 fans can decrease your laptop temperature in a few minutes. These fans can spin from 1000 to 1500 rotations per minute.

Adjustable Wind Speed:

One more and most important feature is its wind speed adjustment. This means you can adjust fans’ wind speed accordingly to the usage of your laptop.

Less Noisy:

Thinking that it has 5 fans and when all run at the same time may make this cooler noisy? But that’s not the case. This laptop cooler is a powerful silent cooler that has a maximum noise level of only 21db.

  • Less Noisy
  • 5 fans cooling station
  • 4 height adjustment levels
  • Support large laptops
  • Silicon flip-up laptop holder
  • adjustable fans speed
  • Not comfotable for placing on lap
  • Lights cannot be turned off
  • USB Cord is short in length

My experience with AICHESON laptop cooling pad

I usually spent most of the time on the laptop. As I am a web developer and my laptop keeps running for hours and got hot. This AICHESON laptop cooler not only helps to cool down the temperature. In fact, its ergonomic design helps me to work stress-free.

So, after working for hours your laptop becomes hot? you are suffering from back pain because of long sitting in the same position?

If your answer to these questions is yes! then AICHESON laptop cooler will be a good choice. Hit the below button to check the latest price.

Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad Review – Best cooling pads for gaming laptops

Best cooling pads for gaming laptops
  • Pccooler Laptop Cooling Pad
  • 5 Quiet Fans
  • Dual USB 2.0 Ports
  • 6 Angle adjustable laptop stand
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Powerful gaming laptop cooler

Pccooler laptop cooler Pad is a powerful 5 fans gaming laptop cooling station that is specially built for professional gamers. It embeds 10 Red LED Lights that provide a magical gaming environment. This laptop cooling pad has 5 fans out of which 4 fans are high speed with 1400RPM and 1 silent fan with spinning speed of 1100RPM.

This laptop cooler can support larger laptops from 12 inches to 17 inches and can evenly cover your laptop surface helping in providing smooth airflow to decrease the laptop temperature and increase performance.

Now we are going to talk about its feature in a bit of detail:

Wide Compatbility:

Like the ACHESON gaming laptop cooler this also supports larger laptops from size 12 inches to 17 inches. Perfect for a gaming laptop because usually gaming stations are larger in size.

Super Heat Dissipation:

The 4 ultra-powerful fans along with 1 silent fan provide smooth airflow in your laptop which reduces the increased temperature.

Adjustable fan speed:

You can adjust the fan speed accordingly to the airflow that is needed by your laptop. Also has a power indicator that helps you to check the working status of fans.

Ergonomic Design:

If you are a gamer then it is obvious you have to be glued to your laptop for hours and hours and if the height level is not comfortable then you will face back pain issues. But this gaming cooler came up with 6 height adjustment levels that will give you the freedom to adjust the height angle according to your need. 

Working Indicator:

Like our previous one. It also contains an LED Indicator that will assist you in checking the working status of this powerful gaming laptop cooler.

Anti-Skid Design:

While adjustment of the height the laptop may lift much higher. But, this gaming cooler is designed in a way that it holds the laptop and prevents it from slipping.

  • Les noisy laptop cooler
  • Adjustable fan speed
  • 6 height adjustment levels
  • Anti-skid design
  • 5 powerful fans
  • Suitable for large laptops
  • LED Lights
  • Anti-Skid flip up is not much good

My experience with AICHESON laptop cooling pad

ACHESON laptop cooling pad is a 5 fan powerful laptop cooling station. That can help to cool overheated gaming laptops. It is overall fine and I had not faced many issues with this one. While gaming after a few hours when my laptop becomes overheated by providing airflow it decreases its temperature.

But the issue that I face is the sliding of the laptop which is a bit frustrating because sometimes you need to lift the laptop at an appropriate angle based on your sitting position. The laptop holding flip-up is small in size and cannot hold the laptop as long as it should be. Other than this it is fine and works well.

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TECKNET Laptop Cooling Pad Review – Best Notebook Cooler

Best gaming lapop cooler
  • Portable laptop cooler
  • 3 Powerful fans
  • Support 12-17 inches laptops
  • Black color
  • Silent cooling
  • USB Connectivity
  • Ergonomic design

This TECKNET laptop cooling pad comes up with 3 powerful fans which spin at the speed of 1200 RPM each. It can cool down all kinds of laptops from 12inches to 17 inches. Whether they are ultrabooks, notebooks, MacBooks, etc. This laptop cooling pad is designed ergonomically and has two height adjustment levels. this is a flat gaming laptop cooling device and is comfortable to place on the lap too.

Let’s discuss all of its features in detail

Surface Material:

It has a meshed metal surface and the remaining body is made up of plastic and rubber.

Wide Compatibility:

One of the most important features of this laptop cooler is its wide compatibility. It is designed in a way that it can support almost all laptops up to 17 inches.


The lighter the more portable. Its thin, lightweight design and USB connectivity make it a comfy and handy device so without any fear you can roam it with you anywhere.

Ergonomic Design:

It comes up with 2 adjustable height levels which make its design ergonomic and help you to adjust your laptop at better viewing angles. 

So this slim Technet gaming cooler and comfy laptop cooler will be good to calm down your laptop.

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How do laptop cooling pads work?

Consider your laptop temperature getting higher than usual, then it is obvious that will start facing performance issues like slow speed, screen stuck for minutes, etc. And these issues wouldn’t get resolved until your laptop temperature lower down to normal.

Then what do you do to lower the temperature?

The first way is to open task manager and check which applications use much RAM and Processor. Then shut those applications or force stop them. This is a bit annoying for you.

The second way is to use a laptop cooling pad. By using a good laptop cooling pad as per your laptop usage. You have no need to force stop the program because the laptop cooler will maintain the temperature.

You can also perform the stress test of the laptop CPU. I would recommend you check the stress status of your CPU before and after making laptop cooling arrangements. So, you can get an idea of how much increased temperature impacts your laptop performance.

gaming laptop cooling pads usually work in two ways.

Some of the laptop coolers work as exhaust fans. They blow warm air out of your laptops and lower their temperature.

The other blow cool air into the laptop and lower its temperature.

Both of the laptop coolers are fine. Because our main purpose is to resolve the heating issue of laptop and both of these types can serve the purpose.

Best Cooling Pads for gaming laptops – FAQs

Why does the laptop overheat?

Laptops overheat due to extensive usage for hours or due to heavy workload. They have internal fans which run and maintain their temperature. But running intensive software for hours makes fans unable to work and the laptop starts overheating.

Do laptop cooling pads work for gaming?

When laptop internal fans failed to reduce its temperature that happens most often while playing games. Then, laptop coolers provide airflow to laptop components and maintain performance for a smooth gaming experience.

What is the RPM of a laptop cooling pad?

RPM stands for rotations per minute of a cooling fan. This means that in one minute the number of rotations that a cooling fan will make is referred to as RPM. The more the RPM the higher performance you will observe.

Conclusion – Best Cooling Pads for gaming laptops

In conclusion, to enhance your gaming experience and ensure the longevity of your gaming laptop a powerful laptop cooler is required. The laptop coolers featured in this article proved their worth by providing exceptional cooling performance, and ergonomic design. So, If you are putting a massive workload on your laptop like you do 3D Rendering, or if you are a passionate gamer then a laptop cooler comprises of 5-6 fans with 1100-1500 RPM would be a good choice for you. In addition to the number of cooling fans, some other factors you should also consider before making a final choice like, angle adjustment stand, USB ports, and weight. The above-listed laptop cooling pads fall amongst the best laptop coolers both for non-gaming laptops and gaming laptops and can effectively dissipate heat, allowing you to push your usage experience to the next level!

Which Gaming Laptop Cooler Is Right For Me? A Buyer’s Guide

When selecting a cooling pad, consider factors such as airflow, fan speed, noise level, and compatibility with your laptop’s size and design. Look for a cooling pad that offers adjustable fan speeds, allowing you to customize the cooling performance according to your gaming requirements.

Best Cooling Pads for Gaming Laptops Infographic

    Don’t wait any longer—grab the best gaming laptop cooling pad today and let your gaming laptop unleash its true potential!

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